Hardbanding Services

Hardbanding Services

Hardbanding Services

Hardbanding is a process of applying filler metal by arc welding or spraying onto a tooljoint to reduce casing wear and prolong tooljoint’s life. Hardbanding material shall be highly resistant to impact and wear with a very low friction factor.

O&G is an sole Welding Alloys Authorized Applicator for the Drill-Guard wires in Thai Oil & Gas industry.

Drill-Guard: the ultimate protection for your drill string and casing

Each of the Drill-Guard premium hardbanding wires has been designed and manufactured in-house utilizing technology from extensive oil & gas industry knowledge.

Formulation/Chemistry of each wire which is specifically designed for the oil & gas industry

– Crack-Free

– Non-Spalling

– Casing friendly

– Wear resistance

– Re-Applicable

– Compatibility

Please visit more in website: http://www.drill-guard.com/

Certified Drill Pipe Manufacturers

  • Texas Steel Conversion (TSC), U.S.A.
  • Superior Drill Pipe, U.S.A.
  • Command Energy, U.S.A.

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